We Evolve Supports Organizational Innovation & Change by...

Molly Ware, Ph.D.

  • Strategically designing innovations & change catalysts that support your organization in realizing its next level of potential, build energy & commitment from the outset, and are structured to work with the integrity of your organization. 
  • Growing innovative & creative capacity throughout the organization using real-time, complex challenges that are impossible for leaders to address from the top.

  • Decoding, translating, & working with resistance to change as it surfaces in ways that unlock the potential it holds for your organization's bold future.

Molly is founder & lead consultant at We Evolve Consulting, which supports organizational innovation & transformation within government, businesses, non-profits, & other complex organizations. She brings an extensive range of ​​ experiences & skills to her work, - offering you the vision & strategic support to create the bold future you know is possible by creatively adapting to the new economy & harnessing the power & creativity of the people within your organization.  
Imagining & creating what you love;
working with what you have.

Problems Are Often the Solution. Everything Works Both Ways.
Let's play together at creating the world we know to be possible.