During my 9 years at Western Washington University, I have intentionally focused on developing my capacities as a leader. Most recently, I served as Faculty Senate President, - a highly visible role that entails campus-wide written and spoken communication, regular facilitation of large group meetings, responding to critical issues the campus is facing by working across stakeholder groups (faculty, students, staff, administration), leveraging divergent perspectives to generate stronger responses to challenges than comes of more homogenous perspectives, and listening to Senators and stakeholders as a means of seeing openings & possibilities for the campus alongside shared commitments and vision held by stakeholders. In addition, I have chaired several committees & collaboratively developed & facilitated several sessions aimed at transforming programs & campus culture. These include a summer program renewal process for the Secondary Education department, faculty & faculty-student listening sessions on improving campus climate, an Enrollment Planning Retreat for students, administrators, faculty, and staff focused on aligning Western's identity & assets with future admissions policies, dialogues with individual Senators to get a more holistic sense of how Senators think the role & culture of the Faculty Senate could be improved and clarified, etc. In addition, I have worked extensively with concepts on leadership including Ron Heifetz's work on adaptive leadership & Peter Senge's work on systems thinking & systems leadership; and I recently attended a workshop called Leading Sustainable Transformation by the Society for Organizational Learning. I love exploring how I, as a leader, can set conditions that make it possible for groups (including me) to learn new ways forward together, enter generative (rather than habitual) spaces with one another, and experience our time together as mutually transformative & alive. What kind of leadership is necessary to address the unprecedented, complex, & interconnected challenges of our time? I have explored these questions extensively & look forward to ongoing growth & development in this arena through my work with you & your organization. 
Imagining & creating what you love;
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